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Winter Break 2021 - High School Camp

As in previous years, Youth Island continues its tradition of organizing fantastic camps open to all high school students.

One of the best ways to end our year as an organization is by spending a few days with our lovely and enthusiastic students. We are so happy that Youth Island has successfully conducted the 2021 Winter Camp with our great students, regardless the challenges we faced due to the rising COVID cases. This Winter Camp consisted of various activities, different readings, videos, and discussion topics on science and religion, where students had the chance to enhance themselves academically, spiritually, and socially. These sessions exposed them to new insights about character education and faith and strengthened their identity as a Muslim living in the USA.


Our girls also made the collaborative effort to research and write articles regarding Islam and the Winter. Some topics include Snow and Islam and Different Ways to Get Sevap in Winter. However, seeing that it was winter break, we most definitely had our fair share of fun with the countless billiard and table tennis matches, and the movie and art nights.

Below you will find the itinerary that we followed from the High School 2021 Winter Camp:


Day 1: Ethics

Day 2: Salah (Fiqh)

Day 3: Salah (Spiritual)

Day 4: Belief in hereafter


Day 1: Be Proud of Your Religion

Day 2: Respecting the Creations Respect the Creator

Day 3: Dhikr: The Cure of Spiritual Doubts

Day 4: I’ve Got Time


What is the purpose of life?

What constitutes an ideal person and society?

Why are Hadiths worth reading?

What is serving on the way of God about?


Ping-pong tournament,

Pool tournament,

PS4 FIFA Tournament, etc.


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