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Navigate Your Career

Navigate your Career Virtual Seminar Series

Explore your career path by joining our “Navigate your Career with Youth Island NY”, where you have the chance to learn from expert guest speakers in their areas of study.

Aiming to give students a clear path in their career choices, Youth Island started this seminar series.

In the first event, “General Information Session,” our expert speakers gave attendees numerous tips, advice, and suggestions based on their academic research and personal experiences. Attendees learned about important factors to consider when picking a major, starting from natural sciences to social sciences and arts & humanities.

With speakers’ insights and resources shared by Youth Island, more than 40 high school and college students acquired much more confidence in their future career areas based on the personal character test and surveys. They were enthusiastic about the next events, Scholarship & Internship Seminar and Career Fair with Experts, taking place in March and April.


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