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High School Winter Camp 2018

Youth Island High School Winter Break Camp Schedule

As Youth Island High School, we are organizing a camp on the Christmas break. We booked a vacation house in Pocono Mountain for 7 days. The daily schedule will include book reading, Quran education, activities and inspiring speakers and working for group project. We also organized answer and question section for our students.

Our students also work to new projects for our club Youth Island, and they generally focused a community service programs and projects such as visiting nursing home, make a new friend in Orphanages and organizing social activities with them. We think many people need to participate in community service because community service can have a lot of positive effects on students, such as helping them to develop skills, making contacts, and allowing them to improve the quality of life of others.

Inspiring Speakers;

Youth Island program provides many opportunities and organizes speeches where we can get insights on the fields that we are interested in from profesionales. An example is Mr. Sercan who is a lawyer. He talked to us about how money that we earn as a teenager might seem enough, but the real goldmine lies behind education. He talked to us about the importance of education and his experiences. The editor of Fountain, Mr. Hakan, is another example. He came there to chat with us and took our questions about anything. It was a relaxing time and he talked about the importance of reading with a purpose. The founder of Youth Island (I think), Mr. Mehmet was another speaker. He made sure that everything was going all right and discussed the problems we might face as youth. He connected the idea of struggle to many historical figures and gave us solutions.



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