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High School Thanksgiving Camp Boys

High School Thanksgiving Camp Boys

            As Youth Island NY, our annual 2019 Thanksgiving High School Camp has come to the end of this year. We wanted our students to spend their Thanksgiving break in a very beneficial and productive way.

As a result, we set up many programs and activities for our students, including reading Qur’an, teaching Qur’an to the ones who don’t know, reading books just so our students can enrich their religious and cultural knowledge.

              During our camp, we also had SAT classes every day, knowing that for high school students who are about to make a turn on their academic path to university, SAT is an essential exam to achieve your goals more easily.

              There were made different projects as well done by our students on our four messengers of God (peace be upon them). As an addition to the activities that we did during this camp, we also organized a Kahoot competition on our students’ religion knowledge. In the end, we gave gifts to the winners of the competition.

               Last but not least, we also organized different games in groups like ping pong, bowling, billiard, and other fun moments to make the camp more attractive and enjoyable for our students.


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