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Course in Social and Economic Works

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

A Reading Workshop by Dr. Sumeyra Alpaslan-Danisman

Course Description:

Designed by Dr. Sumeyra Alpaslan-Danisman, this course was designed to increase academic reading and speaking abilities of high school students in terms of social sciences. The course focused on economic, social, and business topics. Up to date social and economic topics were included such as Elon Musk and Space studies, Apple and Garage Inventors of the Society, and Corruption in Siemens. Students were guided academically with reading and discussing experiences that result in a project presentation.



WEEK 1: Green Economy

WEEK 2: Apple and Garage inventors

WEEK 3: Corruption in Siemens

WEEK 4: Power and Politics in organizations

WEEK 5: Highly skilled immigrants

WEEK 6: Expatriation and Global Business

WEEK 7: Discrimination in workplace

WEEK 8: Corporate social responsibilities


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