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Ramadan 2022
House Decoration Contest

Ramadan is coming!


This year, we will have a Ramadan house decoration, where we have all the students decorate a room, a corner, or a section of their house to bring the enjoyment of Ramadan in our homes.


This assignment for our students is also a competition where we will prize the ones who have given us with the best Ramadan decorations.


Parents, please take the time to show how special our holiday is by decorating the house as a family for Ramadan.


When your decorations are done, please upload videos and pictures of all the hardworking you and your child has done so you can be entered in the contest! 

How to participate:

1. Decorate a room, a corner, or a section of your house with Ramadan themes. 

2. Once you complete your decoration, create a Google Drive folder with your first name, last name, and the title Ramadan 2022.

Example: "LeylaSerenli/Ramadan2022"

3. Add at least 3 pictures and a 1-minute video of your decoration to your Google Drive.

4. Share your Google Drive folder with 

Bring the enjoyment of Ramadan to home

Decorate a room, a corner, or a section of your house

and win the prices

April 7 Last Day for Uploading Photos and Video

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