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Community Service

We rise by lifting others.

Through our community service programs we provide volunteer-ships both in United States and overseas for high school and college students to give them opportunity to get into community, be part of, and have a true understanding of it. These programs also foster students' self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. 

Uganda Project Boys 2019 F3.jpg

Youth Islan NY Uganda Project I


 As Youth Island we have been having annual international trip. These annual trips are to 3rd world countries and with our group we come up with project, then collect donations and accomplish our projects. This year with our group we went to Uganda, to do 3 projects that our group came up with the first project was to do a meat drive, the 2nd project was a health screen because most of the people there don’t have the chance to get checkups done, and the 3rd project was to help out orphanages and a school.

Uganda Project Girls 2019 F25.jpg

Youth Islan NY Uganda Project II


Over the summer, we had gone on a trip with Youth Island NYC to volunteer in Uganda. It was an experience filled with happiness and emotions. As a group of five girls, we volunteered at three orphanages. We painted their classrooms, distributed clothes, toys, food, and school supplies. We had also painted a run-down women’s care clinic and visited the manager of a hospital in hopes of returning again. Using the money that we had raised throughout the year, we were able to build a water well in a village a couple hours away from the city of Jinja. We had been rewarded by the Ugandans’ bright smiles and endless gratitude, as they were able to pump fresh water and celebrated the occasion. The trip to Uganda was a wonderful experience, and one we would definitely go on again.

Tanzania .png

Youth Island Tanzania Projects

As Youth Island, we are five (5) volunteer students and will be traveling to Tanzania in the summer with our mentor. Our three (3) projects include; orphanage renovation, building a water well, and volunteer teaching. Youth Island High School and College Freshman students would like your help to donate our projects taking place in Summer 2018, Tanzania.

Orphanage Renovation, Building a Water Well, and Volunteer Teaching

Orphanage Renovation- (Costs $16, 000)

The relief foundation, our partner in Tanzania along with the municipal came together and have analyzed the cost of the orphanage to be renovated as $16, 000. The materials will be bought and we will construct the building, build the orphans bunk beds, paint, repair and help with their needs to have a safe and better orphanage.

Youth Island Haiti Project (2017) F4.jpg

Youth Island

Haiti Project 20217

In attempt to alleviate poverty and combat the lack of education, Youth Island went to Haiti. From volunteering in schools, to helping develop hospitals, we’re making a change every step of the way.

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