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Winter Break 2021 - Middle School Camp

One of the best ways to end our year as an organization is by spending a few days with our lovely and enthusiastic students. We are so happy that Youth Island has successfully conducted the 2021 Winter Camp with our great students, regardless the challenges we faced due to the rising COVID cases. This Camp consisted of various activities, different readings, Quran Classes, videos, and lectures on science and religion, where students had the chance to enhance themselves academically, spiritually, and socially. These sessions exposed them to new insights about character education and faith and strengthened their identity as a Muslim living in the USA.

Below you will find the itinerary that we followed and some of the many moments from the Middle School 2021 Winter Camp:


Day 1: Ablution & Cleanlinnes

Day 2: Bullying and Friendship

Day 3: Salah theoretically

Day 4: Salah spiritually

Day 5: Salah practically

Quran Classes:

In Quran Classes students practiced their Quran Reading, learned tajweed rules and memorized new surahs from the Quran.


Our media time included the episodes from the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad, where students had the chance to learn more about the historical events that occurred during that period.

Presentation in teams:

After reading and discussing part of the collection Risale-i Nur, a philosophical approach of belief in God written by the scholar Said Nursi , our students improved their teamwork skills by working together and presenting the first ten chapters to the jury and other camp participants.


MiniBasketball tournament,

Pool tournament,

Air hockey tournament,

Esports tournament

Exploring the nature


Laser Tag competition

Kahoot competition etc.


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