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Middle School Winter Camp 2018


Dear Parents,

We, as Youth Island NY, have completed the Winter Camp with our middle school students. We assure you that your child both learned and had fun at the same time. They had a chance to practice reading Quran, memorizing, they learned about our Prophet’s words (Hadis-i Serifler) and his acts (sunnet), his friends’ lives (sahabeler), and concise manual of Islamic faith and ethics. We’ve also done book discussion with the students. We also organized FiFa and Table Tennis tournaments, and winners received prices. On the last day of camp we went to Sky Zone and had so much fun.

Quran Education

For the Quran class, every student studied Quran with their own mentor and that way every single student had a chance to practice Quran in a small group. The students, depending on their level, studied either Elif-Ba, reading or Tajweed.

Here is a picture from one of the Quran classes:

Book Discussion

We read the book Khadija bint Khuwaylid and Fatima bint Muhammad (sav) for the book discussion. Every student had a chance to read out loud, and gives his thoughts on it. They each read about one chapter aloud, then explained it, summarized it. That way, every single student understood the book well.


In memorizing session first two days we made up two groups, and we practiced Fatiha and some short surahs as well. It was practical, each students were able to read the surahs aloud, and see their mistakes. We also learned the meanings of those surahs. For the other days, each mentor gave his students a surah to memorize, and listened to them, corrected them.


For activities, we made a FiFa tournament, Table Tennis tournament and we went to Sky Zone on the last day. Here is some pictures of the activities we did:


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