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Middle School Thanksgiving Camp Boys 2019

Middle School Thanksgiving Camp Boys – 2019

As Youth Island NY our annual 2019 Thanksgiving Middle School Camp has come to end this year.

We wanted our students to spend their Thanksgiving break beneficial, so we setup many programs and activities for our students to do. We studied on the analysis of Quran and reading time so our students could enrich their religious and cultural knowledge. At the same time we setup fun activities for our students to do while they were on their break, one of these activities were we setup a FIFA and Foosball tournaments, our students also swam in the activity time.

Quran Class

In the Quran class, we setup 3 different levels, we had elif ba work shop, Quran reading, and surah memorizing. Also, for the level of the kids during the surah workshop we did memorizing time.

Tafsir Class

For our students to understand the Quran we did interactive activities and analyzed surahs and ayahs to understand more. During the last day of our camp we did a competition for our student to see their progress in the tafsir and for the student who got high point we gave them presents.

We explained the meaning of the;

  1. ASR Surah

  2. 31:15 – 26:18 verses (TRUE MEANING OF ELHAMDULILLAH)

  3. AHKAF Surah 23-24. verses (TRUE MEANING OF INSHALLAH)


  5. IHLAS Surah

  6. FELAK Surah

  7. NAS Surah

  8. NASR Surah

  9. MAUN Surah

  10. KAFIRUN Surah

  11. DUHA Surah

with using animations and videos.

Reading Book

According to the level of our students we had reading time with books that best fit their level and for them to understand it. The reason of the booking reading time was so the students could get a hobby of reading book on their own times, and so they could enrich their religious and cultural knowledge.

Indoor – Outdoor activities

We tried to make learning time funny with different activities so they could half fun and relive stress they had during their school time.

Kahoot Competition

PES Tournament – 1 Place goes Long Island Team:)

A Video from Tafsir Class


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