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Middle School Summer Camp-CAMP ZEKE

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

              As Youth Island NY, we collaborated with New York Academy and had an amazing Summer Camp at Camp Zeke in Pennsylvania. It was a … day camp, and there were middle school students from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Boston and New Hampshire. We, as Youth Island NY, had students from Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and Long Island. 

               The camp was well organized, and had everything a student could ask for. We had book reading, Quran lecture, conversation (mentors discussed a topic with their students), character education, media time and mentor time. During media time, all middle school students met in conference room, watched a short movie such as Forty Movies, and discussed it afterwards. For mentor time, each mentor spent time with their students from 9:45 pm to 10:45 pm. They had snacks, played games, marshmallow on fire etc. Activity time was an important part of the camp. Students were able to play soccer, tennis, basketball and they had a chance to workout in the fitness center. There was a big lake in campground with lifeguards and students canoed, paddle boarded and swam with their mentors and friends. 

                According to our most students, this Summer Camp was one of the best camps they attended. Even though students had limited access to the internet, they still enjoyed the camp a lot.

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