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High School Winter Camp Girls

This previous break, we ended it off on a high note with our high school students at the Hyatt Hotel in NJ. We were able to utilize the 6 valuable days we had at the hotel in a plethora of ways. Our days started with the morning prayer led by the imaam and ended with a night time activity. The girls time with us during the break was divided and organized in a balanced manner that allowed them to grow as muslims as well as to enjoy themselves during the program.

Everyday, the girls were met with 2 speakers to discuss the importance of religion, mental health, self affirmations, and other valuable discussions were held with the high school students. The girls also had the time to improve on their religious understandings and duties themselves during the independent reading time where they read stories of religious texts and history. Overall, it was a great opportunity for these girls to be exposed to the environment that this winter camp provided as the opportunity to do so is seldom for those who grow up in America.

As a result, we wanted to hear their opinions and questions about islam through their eyes. Hence, the final thing that the girls did to close off the camp was prepare and present their presentations that they analyzed and researched all on their own. These presentations were reviewed and judged by 6 judges on the panel as the girls took time expressing their questions and providing the answers that they have come to understand through their own means of research. It is honorable to note that the judges were immensely impressed by the outcome of the presentations that each group came up with. We thank those who took part in this year’s Winter Camp and hope to have many other wonderful programs for the girls.

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