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High School Winter Camp-Boys

            As Youth Island NY we have organized our annual Winter Camp for 2019. We organized many activities both engaging and interesting. We wanted our students to have a productive and fun camp.

             We had Quran classes for reading, learning, and even courses for beginners. We had Risale-i Nur classes to cultivate our students’ religious insight and cultural wisdom.

             We value our students’ future and we’re aware that the SAT is a pillar and requirement for graduation so we had 1-2 hours of SAT classes daily.

             To put our Students’ knowledge on our religion to test, we have organized two competitions. We held a Kahoot competition about praying and a presentation competition where students had to prepare and present a google slides presentations about the 4 Caliphs.

             To keep the camp engaging, we had activities such as ping-pong, billard, and darts.


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