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High School Thanksgiving Camp 2018

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

We want to thank you for trusting us truly. We know and understand that you want your children, most precious one, to get the best cultural, leadership and religious education they could. You are trusting us about your children’s education. We want to you to know that we are honored and happy to had your children in our camp. We have completed the Thanksgiving camp with our high school students. We assure you that your child both learned and had fun at the same time. They had a chance to practice reading Quran and they learned tafsir of short surahs. For the Quran and tafsir classes everyday Imam Ibrahim came to Long Island and he teach some of Quran rules and explained Surahs. We also did Question and Answer section. Our students ask the questions to Mentors and Imam about Cultural, Religions, Social life.


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