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Girls Winter Camp 2018

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

It was really nice being all together at this 2018 Winter Camp. Students all both learned and had enjoyable times. They had a chance to meet and interact with new friends. Girls had different mentors come in each day and talk to them about different subjects (adhd, add, angels, etc..). They had small parties at the end of the day. They also read books (Risale-i Nur, etc..) and did discussions about it. They talked about what they understood by each one of their reading parts of the book. They had different activities going on each day. Students watched ted talks and other small videos. They went to the fitness center, which was included inside the hotel they were in. They  got to meet Enes Kanter, who’s a NBA basketball player. Students picked  topics and did research on them  thorough out of  the camp. They presented these to the jury at the end of the camp, and in return for that got gifts (Amazon cards).


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