Middle School Thanksgiving Camp Girls 2019

Middle School Thanksgiving Camp Girls 2019   This year’s Thanksgiving Middle school camp was held at Brooklyn Amity School between November 27-29. The program contained reading, Quran learning and elaborate discussions with mentors. Students were able to develop their reading skills alongside their critical thinking. While the program was heavily constructed towards improving students, it […]

Middle School Thanksgiving Camp Boys 2019

Middle School Thanksgiving Camp Boys – 2019   As Youth Island NY our annual 2019 Thanksgiving Middle School Camp has come to end this year. We wanted our students to spend their Thanksgiving break beneficial, so we setup many programs and activities for our students to do. We studied on the analysis of Quran and […]

Congressional Award Ceremony – Washington DC

Congressional Award Ceremony-Gold Medal Our student Muhammed Colak has received the Congressional Award Gold medal in June with his achievements he has completed in volunteer work, community work and etc. He has help set up dialogue dinners for his community and volunteered in renovating an orphanage in Tanzania. Our student completed 400 hours in volunteer […]

Middle School Competition 

Middle School Competition  On November 10, our mentors organized a competition between the middle school mentees. In total, 10 mentees were participated, coming from Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. Competition is started with trivia questions about the Muslim daily prayers. All teams did very well but the team “Brooklynistan” got the first place. Then, it […]

SAT/ACT Course             

SAT/ACT Course                Highly qualified universities are every young students’ dream. The prestige and recognition of such a university will open doors for every student because employers and graduate school admissions officers will know immediately that you went to an extremely competitive school. Those universities always look for students who are up for […]

Uganda Project Girls 2019

               UGANDA PROJECT GIRLS 2019                 Over the summer, we had gone on a trip with Youth Island NYC to volunteer in Uganda. It was an experience filled with happiness and emotions. As a group of five girls, we volunteered at three […]

Micro-Bit Course

MICRO-BIT COURSE                  With the increase of the need for programming skills, just like reading and writing, Youth Island NY dedicated ourselves to help our youth express their creative ideas through code and established a Micro Bit Coding course that consists of 10 students. We are planning to […]

Drama Club

DRAMA CLUB         A drama club was established for students who are curious about the aspects of theater. Youth Island NY’s goal is to improve students’ life skills and get their leadership qualities up so they can realize the potential they have sooner than usual. We have 9 students currently participating in […]

Uganda Project Boys 2019

UGANDA PROJECT 2019              As Youth Island we have been having annual international trip. These annual trips are to 3rd world countries and with our group we come up with project, then collect donations and accomplish our projects. This year with our group we went to Uganda, to do 3 […]

Middle School Summer Camp-CAMP ZEKE

Camp Zeke Middle School Camp               As Youth Island NY, we collaborated with New York Academy and had an amazing Summer Camp at Camp Zeke in Pennsylvania. It was a … day camp, and there were middle school students from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Boston and New Hampshire. We, as […]