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Middle School Book Competition

Long Island Middle School Book Competition – Girls               On December 20, Long Island’s Middle school students had a Book Competition. After reading books of Hz. Muhammed(sav), Hz. Hatice, and Hz. Ali, students competed to test their knowledge on these three books. The goal was to keep them engaged […]

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Youth Island NY Mentors Orlando Trip

             After our long break with camps, we decided to give our mentors a treat for their hard work in setting up and organizing the camps and giving all their efforts to help out the kids have a good time and went to Florida for a small vacation. During their […]

High School Winter Camp Girls

This previous break, we ended it off on a high note with our high school students at the Hyatt Hotel in NJ. We were able to utilize the 6 valuable days we had at the hotel in a plethora of ways. Our days started with the morning prayer led by the imaam and ended with […]

Middle School Winter Camp Girls

            This year’ winter camp for middle school students was held between Dec. 24 and 29 at a hotel in New Jersey. The five-day development camp consisted of learning Kuran, discussions with professionals based on select topics, reading books about influential religious leaders and activities to help the kids bond. […]

High School Winter Camp-Boys

            As Youth Island NY we have organized our annual Winter Camp for 2019. We organized many activities both engaging and interesting. We wanted our students to have a productive and fun camp.                            We had Quran classes […]

Middle School Winter Camp-Boys

Middle School Winter Camp-Boys     With 18 students we, as Youth Island NY , completed our 6 days of winter camp. QURAN CLASS Our Quran classes , contained lectures such as learning Quran letters, tajwid lectures, and tesbihat memorazing. In order to help our students to understand our prophet Hz Muhammed `s life (pbuh) […]

High School Thanksgiving Camp Boys

High School Thanksgiving Camp Boys             As Youth Island NY, our annual 2019 Thanksgiving High School Camp has come to the end of this year. We wanted our students to spend their Thanksgiving break in a very beneficial and productive way.               As a […]

High School Thanksgiving Camp Girls 2019

High School Thanksgiving Camp Girls 2019   This year, our high school girl groups made the best of this Thanksgiving break by using the time to spend it with their peers in a spiritual and religious environment. Not only did the girls come together with their friends to spend the thanksgiving weekend with one another, […]